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Award Winning BBC Earth Best Student Film 2012-13 'Giants on the Edge'.

“The whole package, a well made film that was fascinating and entertaining while covering an important subject. With moments of drama, tension and indeed humour this film captured a great story and managed to combine the best bits of a scientific expedition in a compelling way.” BBC Earth Panel, 2014

The high mountain rivers and streams of China are home to the largest amphibian in the world. The Chinese giant salamander. But now habitat loss and poaching are pushing this giant to the edge of extinction in the wild. A team from the Zoological Society of London embark on what will be the largest survey of an endangered species in Chinese conservation history. Following them, one of the first western camera's to have filmed in the stunning Fanjingshan Nature Reserve. One aim - Save these giants on the edge!

Interview with film 'Giants on the Edge' contributor Jay Redbond, herpetology expert at WWT Slimbridge

Outward Bound Oman - 44th National Day Journey