Bristol based drone operator Diz Williams Aerial Film and Photography are CAA Certified holding PfCO/PfAW for commercial work, servicing TV, Film, online, and all commercial needs in the Southwest, Midlands and Wales. For quotes, information and advice, contact 07971452278 or fill out the contact me form. 

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DJI Phantom 3 Pro - 4K imaging

DJI Phantom 3 Pro - 4K imaging

UAV Film and photography

Diz Williams Aerial Film Photography operate a DJI Phantom 3 Pro UAV. This small package provides high quality imagery and 4K film. The platform is safe and reliable with the latest drone technology under the bonnet results are extremely impressive.

Rate Guide

All rates are guides depending on actually needs of the customer and travel. Full insured with public liability insurance of up 5 mil.

£300 -  Half Day (4 hours) Filming & Photography (including all kit)

£450 - Full Day (8 hours) - Filming & Photography (including all kit)

£150 - Photography Editing - Lightroom, Photoshop

£200 - Video Editing and production. Final Cut Pro X + Motion GFX

£69 per track - Music licensing through at additional cost.

The drone code - How We Fly Safely and Within the Law

Article 241 - endangering safety of any person or property

A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger
any person or property

Article 95 - small unmanned surveillance aircraft

(1) The person in charge of a small unmanned surveillance aircraft must not fly the
aircraft in any of the circumstances described in paragraph (2) except in
accordance with a permission issued by the CAA.

(2) The circumstances referred to in paragraph (1) are:

(a) over or within 150 metres of any congested area;

(b) over or within 150 metres of an organised open-air assembly of more than
1,000 persons;

(c) within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the
control of the person in charge of the aircraft;
(d) subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), within 50 metres of any person.

(3) Subject to paragraph (4), during take-off or landing, a small unmanned
surveillance aircraft must not be flown within 30 metres of any person.

(4) Paragraphs (2)(d) and (3) do not apply to the person in charge of the small
unmanned surveillance aircraft or a person under the control of the person in
charge of the aircraft.

(5) In this article 'a small unmanned surveillance aircraft' means a small unmanned
aircraft which is equipped to undertake any form of surveillance or data

Article 2 and Schedule 1 - Definition of terms

Commercial operation

For the purposes of the Air Navigation Order 2016, "commercial operation" means any operation of an aircraft other than for public transport -

(a) which is available to the public; or

(b) which, when not made available to the public, is performed under a contract between an operator and a customer, where the latter has no control over the operator, in return for remuneration or other valuable consideration

Small unmanned aircraft

means any unmanned aircraft, other than a balloon or a kite, having a mass of not more than 20kg without its fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft at the commencement of its flight.

What is a congested area?

The Air Navigation Order defines a congested area as being 'any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes'.